Our Pricing Plan

We plan to increase the price of Arosia as we develop more content for the game.

When we launch our demo and early access on Itch.io in April 2018, Arosia will be on sale for $5.99. There will also be a limited number of keys available on Kickstarter (early bird) for the same price.

Once the Kickstarter begins, Arosia will be priced at $7.99.

When we launch on Steam in June 2018, we’ll be increasing the price for the game to $9.99.

We expect to raise the price of Arosia in early 2019 to somewhere between $14.99 and $19.99, and we expect that this will be the final price for the game.

We want to provide free updates for Arosia for as long as we can (perhaps even indefinitely). However, we obviously can’t make content without any financial support.

We’re going to be looking to our patrons to help fund our future development.

You can read more about patron updates here.

It’s really easy to become a patron.