Our Free Patch

None of our game releases contain any pornographic material within them.

We do, however, offer a free patch that can be used to add additional erotic content to your game.

If you need help installing the free patch, please don’t hesitate to ask on our community Discord.

Understanding Your Game Version

You can find your game version on the opening screen of the game.

This can be Demo, Censored, Uncensored, or Patron.

Demo Version

You cannot upgrade or add content to the demo version of the game.

Censored Version

This is the retail version that is distributed via Itch.io and Steam. There is absolutely no nudity or pornography in this copy of the game. There may still be mature and suggestive themes, however.

Uncensored Version

If you would like a more erotic experience, you can download our free patch (coming soon).

Please place the file into the Keys folder, found just inside the Arosia game folder.

Patron Version

If you are a patreon (or have patron access from a Kickstarter or elsewhere), you will receive a special key patch in your goodie bag each month. This key will uncensor your game and provide early access to new content.

If you ever lose your patron access, your game will automatically downgrade to the Uncensored version.

It’s easy to become a patron.