Free Updates

We are developing Arosia as a long-term experience.

For as long as we are able to fund our game via new sales, crowdfunding, and the generous support of our patrons, we do not have any plans to create sequels or sell any form of paid DLC.

Instead, we will be offering free, monthly updates to our game.

Free Updates

We will release a new game build approximately once a month; the target date for this release is the 7th of each month.

Each new update will feature a new story or an additional path for an existing story.

Patron Updates

We are only able to create our free updates through the generous support of our patrons.

To express our gratitude, patrons get a special update each month.

The patron update provides early access to all of the new stories and paths that we create. Most of the time, patrons will be able to play through new content many months before it is released in a free update.

It’s easy to become a patron.