An Erotic Storybook

Arosia is an erotic storybook; it’s a nontraditional visual novel (OELVN).

Fully-voiced; written & illustrated by two female artists.

We release free updates monthly, adding new characters, stories and paths.

Arosia will only become more expensive over time. Read more about our pricing plan.

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We’ll release a free demo and launch early access on in April 2018.

We will be running a Kickstarter with Early Bird specials in May 2018.

Arosia will be available on Steam in June 2018.

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– Arosia is a non-traditional visual novel, featuring a growing collection of short, erotic tales that can be completed in 20-40 minutes.

– We release free updates every single month

– Each story offers multiple paths with at least two different endings.

– All stories are fully narrated by female voice actresses.

– Each story features 5+ gorgeous illustrations by IvyFetish.

– All writing by Lily Black, a master storyteller.

– Play with your choice of: keyboard, mouse, or gamepad; touch probably supported (but untested atm)

– The game runs on a custom game engine that features a clean, functional UI and minimalistic features; the engine is coded and maintained by Lily Black and is developed using Unity 3D.

– Our game is not pornographic, but we do offer a free patch that adds in additional, erotic content.

Please note, Arosia only supports Windows (32/64 bit) in 1920 x 1080 resolution at this time. 

If you need technical support, you can find us on Discord.

Characters, Incarnations & The Multiverse

Our erotic tales are set in a multiverse of settings.

You favorite characters are often reinterpreted to fit these endless settings; they exist in many incarnations.

We tell sexy stories in every genre (fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, etc.)


The Witch Tree

A dark horror story set in a traditional, fantasy setting.

You’re lost in a grim and terrible dread forest.

You spy a mysterious golden light and it leads to a glowing door in a tree! This is the witch’s tree, and it seems like a safe haven; at first.

But you better think twice when a petite, servant girl named Danis offers you a magical cup of tea; drinking it might just have unintended consequences.

You know you’re in trouble when her Mistress–a Summer Witch named Nin–arrives. There’s something not quite right in the way that Nin sucks all the life and energy out of Danis as they kiss before you.

This story is all about magical gender transformation. You can go male-to-female in the Summer path, or maybe you’d rather go female-to-futa in the Winter path. Each path eventually leads to a unique, erotic encounter with the lovely Danis.

Summer Path

March 2018 | 7 scenes | 3,300+ Words | 35m+ audio | 8 illustrations

Winter Path

Release date TBA

Discuss the story on our Community Discord server.

Discuss the story on our Community Discord server.

Teen Succubus

A flirty story set in modern fantasy setting.

Vee is the popular girl at school. Incredibly hot, she seduces all the guys (and girls) and has an insatiable lust for sexual energy. That’s because she’s a teen succubus, of course!

You’re a cute and geeky boy at school who hasn’t done “it” yet.  You and your girlfriend, Becca, have plans to give your virginity to each other after prom, but that was before she came along.

Vee can smell your innocence, and she wants to devour it!

You can break up with Becca to have Vee all to yourself in the Poison route.

Or, you can have the best of both worlds by sharing Vee with your girlfriend Becca in the Candy route.

Coming April 2018!

Discuss the story on our Community Discord server.

Discuss the story on our Community Discord server.


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